Shot Makers League

Beat the Streak Challenge


Product Description

ūüŹÄ¬†¬†Beat The Streak¬†ūüŹÄ

Shoot your shot at 200$ 

Make as many 3 pointers as you can in a row

your longest “Streak “ is your score 

2 misses and your submission is over

videos will be posted daily 

Player with highest score on Sept 2nd Wins

One video per ticket purchase 

You are allowed multiple ticket purchases 

After your purchase, we will send you: 

1. A virtual copy of your ticket in your email. 

2. You will receive instructions about how to shoot your Shot Makers video in your email.

3. Follow the rules of the Challenge posted on Shot Makers League Instagram page 

4. Contest Ends September 2nd . 

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