Shot Makers League

Base-sket Ball Challenge


Product Description

ūüŹÄThe Base-sket Ball Challenge¬†¬†ūüŹÄ¬†


Basketball meets Baseball in this challenge 

Start shooting in the left corner first base

Next top of the key 2nd base

right corner 3rd 

hit all three and you scored a run

player with most runs wins

each miss counts as an out 

3 misses and your video is over 

One video per ticket 

unlimited tickets can be purchased 

videos will be posted daily 

find out who’s the current leader

On Shot Makers League Instagram 


After your purchase, we will send you: 

1. A virtual copy of your ticket in your email. 

2. You will receive instructions about how to shoot your Shot Makers video in your email.

3. Access to our video platform where you will upload your videos. 

4. We will announce the weekly winners. 

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